Day of Caring 2019 - May 17, 2019

Each year in May, United Way matches volunteer teams from workplaces across the community with nonprofit agencies for Day of Caring projects. Volunteer teams perform tasks for agencies that otherwise would not have the manpower to complete the work. Projects include landscaping, painting, general cleaning, visiting with senior citizens or interacting with children, just to name a few! Day of Caring is an opportunity for coworkers to gather outside the workplace and build teamwork and camaraderie while giving back to our community. Last year, over 500 volunteers participated for the 25th Anniversary of Day of Caring!

Any 501(c)(3) agency, school or nonprofit organization may submit project proposals February 11th through March 1st. Required submission information includes a short description of the project with the intention of recruiting volunteer groups. The number of anticipated volunteers needed and estimation of work hours is also required. Agencies will need to provide equipment, supplies and materials needed for the project(s), along with a meal for the volunteers working through lunch. All project proposals are welcome, including indoor and outdoor activities. Project ideas include painting walls at a community center, planting a community garden, conducting mock interviews for low-income job seekers, picking up litter at a park or reading to children. There is no limit to the number of projects agencies can submit.

To submit a project:

  1. Register with our Volunteer Resource Center by filling out a simple registration form for your organization. 
  2. Wait for our staff to assign you access to submit volunteer opportunities. This should take approximately 24-28 hours during the week.
  3. Once you receive an email notification that you have been granted access to the Partner Portal, log in to the Resource Center with the login credentials you created during registration. 
  4. Create a Volunteer Opportunity using "Day of Caring" in the opportunity name. 
  5. Select Date & Time Specific for the Schedule Type
  6. Enter the appropriate description including what the project is and any information we should know.
  7. Enter the location of the project, primary impact area, minimum age for volunteers and the maximum number of volunteers (listed as maximum attendance) for the proposed project.
  8. Under the field for Type, please list Project NOT Activity.
  9. Leave the Volunteer Event field without one assigned.
  10. For the Occurrence information, please list the date as May 17th, 2019 and the requested time slot for the proposed project. 

*Please note, we will do our best to fulfil volunteer requests for proposed projects but the activity is dependent on the number of volunteers we receive. We will confirm with you no later than April 12th with the number of volunteers registered.

For questions or technical issues, please contact Laura Prengaman, Director of Corporate & Volunteer Engagement at or 330-491-9953.